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Daily Recipe

Scented Apple Wreath

--Apples and spice dried slice by slice, that's what this wreath is made of. And the wreath is wonder ...

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**We make no claims of magical effects or supernatural powers for any item in this group/community. In spite of  legendary attributes or occult and craft tradition, such items are offered as curios only and beliefs concerning their magical effectiveness are related only for historical interest. ** 

About Our Herbal Information: All information provided in this website is provided for educational purposes only. Statements contained here are reported in an effort to preserve traditional cultural lore and information. Our aim is to prepare you to ask more educated questions to your own medical practitioner. Nothing here should be construed as an attempt to diagnose, prescribe, or recommend, in any manner, a treatment for any health ailment or condition. Consult your own physician regarding the treatment of any medical condition.

This information is not a replacement for a thorough consultation and examination from a licensed health professional. People should not try to medicate themselves or others with any of the methods referred to here without the guidance of a qualified practitioner who is thoroughly familiar with both the remedies and the individual’s medical status. Some of the herbs listed are poisonous;some can elicit severe allergic reactions if used inappropriately. Do not attempt to self-treat based on information in this website.

NEVER assume that what you see growing in nature is the same species of plant or fungus that you have read on. There are numerous look alike plants, and mushrooms that will cause negative affects (from distasteful to FATAL). This is the leading cause of death among people who choose to use or ingest wild herbs and mushrooms.

 NEVER experiment with DEADLY or POISONOUS plants or mushrooms. The chemicals in botanical's affect people differently what one person can ingest safely may likely kill or seriously damage another person.

 NEVER rely on what is written here, other web pages, or books on natural treatments. Consult a herbalist, and/or your family doctor. Every one is different it is not up to us or anyone else besides those two people that have a better idea of your condition or conditions to be making a judgment call that concerns your health and well being.


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Book of Shadows
· How to Write Your Own Incantations
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· Marijuana - Legalize It?
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